WHAT is Love and Logic?  A win-win philosophy of relationship to reduce stress and increase harmony by working with the brain

WHO can use Love and Logic?  Parents, educators, caregivers, nannies, coaches, and it works in adult relationships, also!

HOW does it work? In our meetings you learn the practical skills and share real scenarios with your own kids for immediate application

WHERE do we meet?  On the phone, thru Skype or FaceTime, or in person with additional travel expenses

IS Coaching Like Counseling?  No, it’s more like a tailor-made class to fit your specific needs.  We are not licensed counselors.

What would your life be like   if you never...    argued with   or yelled at   your kids?

Individualized Parent & Educator Love & Logic Coaching

less expensive than counseling  

more interactive than a book

more focused than a class 

more personal than a webinar

Meet on phone or Skype

Coach Steve Osterhage:

Has decades of experience working with families & schools using Love & Logic and is skilled at applying the tools to your situation.

Specific Coaching Topics For Parents / Educators in Love & Logic

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"We have been working with Steve and Love and Logic for the last couple of months and it has drastically improved our communications with our children, giving us the tools to improve all our family dynamics."

Brian & Emily Termond, Parents of 2 Kids

“I do not know how we survived without Steve!  He is such an amazing parenting coach.

Our house has so much less anger and frustration once we implemented the Love and Logic way using Steve’s guidance!”

Matt and Tara VanDyk, Parents of 3 kids

Learn the Love and Logic Philosophy of Working with Kids

with a Coach to Guide You

All Love and Logic Coaching Plans Include