The Five Roles Of Bullying Working Together

We are not entertainment with a message 

We are a message presented in a fun and entertaining way!

We focus on skill development, demonstration, and we are constantly asking students questions to stimulate front brain thinking.

We show students what to do

about bullying if they are a victim, bully or bystander.

We give skills.   We empower.

We help kids think through their life and give them choices of how they can respond, no matter what role they are in.

We’re connected to something bigger, Love and Logic!

We don’t do juggling, mime or yo-yos.  

While these things are entertaining, new studies have shown that these type of assemblies alone don’t make much difference about bullying in schools.

We also don’t do the “Stop Bullying” thing.

Never do we utter that phrase to kids.    Why?

Can we control kids?  


We can only control ourselves.

When we try to control kids by saying “stop bullying,” do they stop?

No. In fact, it probably makes them want to do it more.

Sadly, bullying is here to stay, as it is a part of human nature.

Since we can’t “stop” bullying, we work around it.

What are the Bullying Solutions? 

Solutions For Every Role in Bullying

Our approach is somewhat unique:

Give everyone and every role in bullying something they can do instead of feeling helpless and pointing fingers of blame.

When we all work together, the greatest change in school culture can happen!

A school will be the best it can be when the people are all following a common vision and speaking the same language around bullying.

Each solution we have is practical and proven to be effective.  Once each solution is employed, each role in bullying functions together to minimize bullying.

The foundation of all the solutions is the Love and Logic® philosophy along with the principles of Sally Ogden.

“Steve Osterhage is a natural, knowledgeable speaker who takes time to listen as well as speak!”

Carol Thompson, Executive Director, Child Care Links, Pleasanton, CA

“The positive messages encouraged victims to be empowered.                     Bravo, we will definitely have you back!”

Fran Hansell, Principal

Riebli Elementary

Santa Rosa, CA

“He captivated the Kindergarteners thru the 6th graders!  This approach of empowering our children is a positive, hope-filled approach.”

Ana-Margarita Sevcik, MA, LMFT, Santa Maria, CA


Our Assembly Practices

Why don’t we do things like other popular bullying assemblies? 

What do we do in the assemblies? 


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